MODECO was established in 2010 embodying ecological, ethical, and sustainable concepts to create a new form of eco-friendly, ethical fashion.

MODECO is a completely new Eco-chic brand born in ever-evolving lifestyle that has a different fashion aesthetic, a subculture from the usual mass- consumption society and other existing eco-ethical fashions.

Our exclusive designs combine elegance and casualness with a strong environmental and ethical identity and a design that makes good use of industrial wastes, "upcycling". Our product presents a sophisticated look whilst also caring for the environment.

This is a totally new status people won't be able to obtain from traditional brands with their limited pursuit of elegance, and MODECO pursues an "intelligence" new generations seek.



There are various environmental issues such as global warming, but it is endless discussion on what can be done to reduce environmental load. At MODECO, we are not talking about rocket science, instead, we want to keep it simple by valuing resources and whether old or new, it’s a waste to dispose. From there, we turn the materials into shape.

Sustainability has become trendier more than ever. Particularly in the automobile industry and infrastructure, eco-friendliness is now the standard and this can be seen in our daily life. However due to the shorter history of “eco-culture” there are not many advocates in the fashion industry, and sustainability aspects are not featured as part of people's lifestyle.

MODECO products combine elegance and casualness conveying a smart aura for people by just carrying the bags. Our streamlined designs are suitable for anyone. MODECO products express an advanced, smart lifestyle, and a new form of fashion value based on ecology, “upcycle” and waste materials.



Creative director Hiroyuki Mizuno didn't receive any formal training and neither did he go to a fashion school prior to establishing MODECO. In fact, he was once a musician who had a steady career. However, his love for making things proved stronger and coupled with inspiration drawn from raw materials, he left making tunes and harmonies to creating brand new bags out of waste materials.

To Hiroyuki, the materials themselves inspired him to design. Each discarded item to him tells a story and features its very own pattern. He enthuses, "my current design concept is to value every single discarded item I encounter. Each material has its own design and it’s a personal motto of mine to recognize this individuality and in turn, turn it into a brand new product. Discovering each materials and its pattern can be a once-life-time experience. Therefore at MODECO, it goes against the usual production practice by basing its design on a bag on the material found, for an added sense of individuality."

He adds, "beyond that, it is very important to my creative team and I to ensure that each bag we make reflect a social issue on top of the appeal that it has."



Giving a shape to waste and making it bag with entirely new added value is not recycling but it is called "upcycling". It is more than just ecology as it gives the material a new value.

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